Sun's good

Take it simple, life is easy.

A collection for those who love beach life, the slow passage of time, for those who enjoy savouring the moment.

Discovering a sunrise, enjoying a sunset, or a beer with friends. Sun’s Good glasses are like that: they are loyal companions for a trip, a holiday, or an adventure with friends.

They are the witnesses of friendships, emotions, and discoveries. 

Prefect for men, women and also kids.

The California horizon at sunset and a skateboard, a penny to be precise, are the emblem of this collection, which was created in 2018 from the designs of Tommaso Bossetti, which have for a long time been involved in a very strong and fruitful synergy with the historical Franco Sordelli of

Venegono, Varese, a company synonymous with high technology, and a pioneer in the production and processing of plastic materials and Made in Italy. And the penny is the original display that is delivered with every Sun’s Good order as if to say: Take it simple, life is easy: and doing that while wearing your Sun’s Good glasses is even better.

modern and

Season after season, the Sun’s Good collection has become increasingly mature and complete: in addition to the classics, The Guardian and The Oyster (the first foldable glasses with an integrated side lens hood), just to name a few, models have recently been added for the teen and baby age groups, as well as new geometric silhouettes, which are practical and balanced in line with the spirit of the brand. The result is a collection that offers protection for the whole family with a functional design that protects the eyes both in the mountains and at the beach.

The constant guiding elements are always colour, and attention to design that is always in line with the latest trends – with the signature detail of the integrated side lens hood reinterpreted in a modern and contemporary way – and that sense of lightheartedness and joy that each model conveys. All this while maintaining a very attractive price and, of course, the quality guaranteed by fully Italian design and manufacturing.