Autonomy, progress, innovation, diversity.

The Lyst Index, the quarterly report ranking fashion’s most desired brands, constantly lists OFF-WHITE™ as the most sought-after in the world.

Autonomy, progress, innovation, diversity. Architect and structural engineer Virgil Abloh and his OFF-WHITE™ team have taken the notion and development of a fashion brand to a new level altogether.

part of their DNA

Based in Milan, their creative office absorbs and transforms the heritage of Italian craftsmanship from a contemporary, global perspective on design and trends.

OFF-WHITE™ functions as a factory with an emphasis on Research & Development, driven by the excitement it can give, by the joy of sharing experiments and discoveries.

For them the digital, is not a media nor a component, it is part of their DNA, of the way they function.

ultimate disrupter

Established in 2013, OFF-WHITE™ represents a seismic shift in fashion. Virgil’s vision has risen to become the ultimate disrupter, challenging typical notions of luxury.
OFF-WHITE™ is now synonymous with product, concept and the democratisation of the luxury fashion experience.

After Virgil’s tragic passing in 2021, Ibrahim Kamara – Dazed’s editor-in-chief and one of the most prominent stylists of this decade – in May 2022 has been appointed as Art and Image director of OFF-WHITE™.